Yulia Mazhei, Sveta Stankevich
V SHElter became a small project for me through which I was able to realize and live through the experience of obtaining security. Precisely obtaining it.
We worked with dry dead branches, the material from which birds make their nests and create their cozy safe places.
I came to a feeling of security only at the end, when we finished making our nest-portal. It became comfortable and calm next to it, but it all started with anxiety and uncertainty, unrest and some kind of desire to build something creative on the basis of dying material. As soon as our object began to take shape, anxiety began to fade away, and the feeling of security and comfort began to increase ... The creation of the portal-nest made it possible to realize that from the chaotic, destroyed and dead, you can create something that protects and calms you.
A shelter that can be blown away by the wind. It stands on the shores of an artificial lake and provides sun protection for local cats.
We built it from dead branches that broke in our hands. Fragile, with overgrown moss, they scratched the delicate skin of the palms and left splinters. It seemed impossible to make something strong out of them. Gradually, we built up the frame of the sculpture, making it taller, thicker and more stable. Kilometers away from people without faces and souls, we created our refuge from an avalanche of pain and fear.
One branch at a time.


Света Cтанкевич

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