Yanis Saar
I'm close
This project is an attempt to conceptualize caring and communion as a physical embodiment.

I am surrounded by people close and dear to me. Now, due to various circumstances, they cannot feel my presence, or I cannot convey it. It can be very painful: trying to reach out to someone who cannot accept it or answer you themselves.

Important people come and go throughout my life, so this project, which began in August 2020, will not be completed until the end of my life.

For some, one of these amulets is a symbol of how our dear ones parted and looks like a farewell gift, for someone it is a talisman that reminds us: there is still a connection between us. All of them are parts of my life, deep attachments and love. Each thread, plant or flower is a detail of a story with a specific person, which you want to capture with the help of the fragile shape of plants and twine. When I die, all this will turn into dust: me, my body, my queerness, my charms, my significant people. But while I exist, our connection can be felt physically. It is such a (self) concern to remind ourselves and others that there is an unshakable story of us that will end only with our departure.

While you are making each of these amulets, I want to repeat the spell for all those close and significant, who were hurt, whom I lost, whom I mourn, whom I love and loved, and for whom I worry, but first of all for myself:
"I am close", "I am close", "I am close"
"everything will be fine"


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