Swamp thicket
The more we are in a toxic environment, a context full of violence and fear, pain and despair, hopelessness and grief, the less we understand what it is like to live without these. Waking up every day, doing our job, supporting colleagues, we are diving more and more into the bustle of the city. It is difficult to stay in it, return to yourself, emerge, inhale more air and dive again.

In English, there is the concept of “forest bathing” - by analogy with sunbathing, this is the practice of filling up one’s resources with the help of green areas of the forest. When you enter the forest and breathe in the air of black soil, green foliage, your body is filled with a new given, where there is only the moment “now”, and with the exhalation all the dust of the city comes out, leaving room for the new.
“Swamp Thicket” was created for deep immersion in the natural context, mimicry and fusion of technical/urban and natural. This is an attempt to find a balance, a new identity at the junction of opposites. On the one hand, we are all inhabitants of the city, its exhausts and mutations, the rulers of concrete labyrinths, and on the other, we are children of the forest, rivers and swamps.
The swamp is a place of transformations, thickened and blooming water, its creatures and secrets. This is a place of power for those who dive deep into themselves, explore the most stale and dusty corners, reshape and rebuild their body, tired of the hard work and speed of the modern digitalized world.

By changing our body, we are changing our memory. It becomes easier to distance oneself from (un)lived and painful memories, dissolve them in the depths of the swamp and contemplate the quiet surface.

The swamp swallows us up and gives us a new body, a new mind, it itself sets the pace of the forest dweller, who notices the new within oneself and contemplates it around.
Participant projects
The swamp thicket is a place of strength and immersion in yourself, where you begin to hear your breath and be aware of your presence.
The release of the podcast "DK Borshevik" about Thicket
What does "radical self-care" mean? Why are we teaming up and how can we support each other? Why is sisterhood important? About this and other things related to group collaboration, art and women's agenda in the issue of the project "Pay thicker visits to the thicket".
Breathe and start again with love
When the world has ceased to amaze you with its injustice and cruelty and you need to take new, forgotten, first breaths and exhalations. Breathe and start again with love.

Coordinators of the "Swamp Thicket": Ana Loktionova, Yanis Saar
Curator: Yanis Saar

The project was joined by: Yanis Saar, Olga Bubich, Katya Zhingerovskaya, Yulia Mazhei, Sveta Stankevich, Lena Nemik, Olya Tranchevskaya, Oksana Lipskaya, Masha Gulina.

Supported by Feminist Translocalities