Lena Nemik
They say a werewolf lives here somewhere - Lokis
They say that a werewolf lives here somewhere - Lokis. I don’t know what about him, but bat, mermaids, ghouls, stings, kikimora are definitely here .. They are everywhere - in the elastic moss of raised bogs, in the needles of larch trees, in last year's fermented cranberries, on the eyelashes of sundew, in the bushes lilacs still blooming in early June, at the bottom of icy lakes, in the sea of ​​bright light green young blueberries. Authentic, daring, wise, funny female magical creatures who scare someone, but support and protect me. Because we are for one thing and for one thing. Nature, colors, creativity, sexuality, magic, play - these are my works.

Didn't I say that I'm a bit of a witch?


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