A metamorph is something or someone consisting of multiple, changing and shapeshifting. It is also a process in which different substances come together to form something new. Kazakh poet Anuar Duisenbinov chose this title for his poem which engages with the linguistic reality of Kazakhstan, where russian, the language of the still tangible colonial power, and Kazakh, the main local language that is now finally regaining its significance as a language of knowledge and cultural production, merge and morph into something that can be valued as such in its hybridity. Decoloniality for those who lived through colonization is about reclaiming subjectivity and self-worth. It is also about learning how to live with a paradox, resisting the temptation of binary thinking, be this about gender, culture or any other aspects of identity. For In/visible a collective of performers, sound and visual artists who are based in different parts of the world but all share the experience of living through and with russian colonialism have prepared an immersive experimental performance which we invite you to be part of from 21 till 01, - not solely as an audience, but as contributors to the shapeshifting collectivity.
With: Sao, Amassia, Gleb Kovalski (dosaaf), Adel Ismailkhanova (omi kami), Acell, Nastia Hrychkovska, Mustelide, Vusala Hajiyeva, arpi balyan, Aytac Fərəcova, Gunay suleyman, KOI, Uta Bekaia, Taras Gembik, Victoria Sarangova, unknown.encoding, Medina Bazargali, vica k, Mariia Vorotilina, Caterina Pîslari, Gerel Sandzhieva, Matt Shally, Vladislav Dwyer.

gäkku-gäkku-gäkku-hey hey hey-gäkku-hey-hey
multivoicedness of my memories unravels
the seams of lucid memories rip out
of lucid piercing splintered memories
bottled to ensure inner security but
drills, blasts and excavators but
düken on the left instead of dükeni on the right but
the surviving söz swimming across the styx but
my winged soul-fly janym-ai shybyn buzzes off with a buzzzz but
i have now acquired those pins*

*A Methamorph by Anuar Duisenbinov

The performance was prepared during the residency co-organized by Feminist Translocalities and Untitled Tbilisi and hosted by Ria Keburia Foundation.